May 25–Lunch with Charlotte and team

Lazed around this morning, writing this and reading. Lots of stuff to connect though. Ipad to computer, blackberry recharger, camera to download, battery to recharge, etc.

Turns out the hubub in St. Sulpice was setting up an antiques fair. (Saw much more finery at the Louvre Antinquaires boutiques later in the day.)

Had a ridiculous number of things in my pockets, too, as I went to a very pleasant lunch with Charlotte and her team at Le Caveau du Palais (the palais I think being the nearby palais de justice). We discussed law at length, stimulating and certainly a bit of a change over the last few weeks.

Walked down rue St. Honore after lunch, posh in an old-fashioned, crowded French sort of way.

Dinner at Philou (again) was even better than the lunch we had; the couple who own it are charming and when we left around 10:30, the place was hopping. Just an excellent resto, albeit in the odd 10th, just off the Canal.

Meanwhile, the Canal was rocking with thousands of young folk lining the embankment and bridges, drinking, smoking and seemingly having a great evening. The sky was a royal blue, even at that late hour.