Day 54–Art, Current Events & The Bus

There is something about the French. As I did this morning, Sandy and I see people heading to the gym smoking and then putting their cigarette butts out on the way in. Why bother?

Meanwhile, when I got to the gym, oddly it wasn’t open. Apparently, there was a grève, strike among at the electric company in the area so they couldn’t open.

The newsagent wasn’t open either. I ran into him later and he told me that because his door opened electronically, couldn’t open either.

So, I headed to Graham’s and had a good class on drawing, perspective, etc., then continued with my painting.

After class, we had an excellent, low-key lunch at Le Temps Au Temps, 13, rue Paul Bert in the 11th. Someone mentioned to me that there’s an article out in the Financial Times, I believe, about all of the restos on rue Paul Bert. Not surprising if our experience is any indication.

We’ve been trying to figure out the buses and came back on the #86 to Saint-Germain des Prés, although slower, very civilized and a great way to see the city, turns out.

Spent some time at the Café, Sandy reading a couple of Le Figaro articles in French. I stuck with the IHT today.

One item in Le Figaro that didn’t make the IHT reported that the “Human Body” Exposition that’s been touring the world (and was in Toronto for a while) has been closed down here as being an indecent showing of a cadaver. The judge ruled that the only place for a cadaver is in the cemetery, leaving open the question of what the French will have to do with all of the thousands of ancient bones, for instance, that line the walls of the Catacombs. Oddly, the show’s been open since February and wildly popular, according to the press report. Only in France.

Got a chance to “Skype” with Jessica for about 1/2 an hour. Very fun. (How does Skype make money?)