Day 48–Roaming Around

Jays won again; how long can this last?

Sandy has work to do today. So, I just roamed the quartier (after French where we played a board game like Trivial Pursuit). I must say it’s easier understanding French than speaking it. It is said that if you want to stave off Alzheimer’s, learn a new language. I keep thinking that maybe I’m a bit late for that.

I’ve also been considering (Sandy’s view) whether taking photos, in itself, makes one a tourist? If I permitted posting comments on this blog, we could have a dialogue on the issue but I wouldn’t clog the Blogosphere with that idle inquiry.

Nevertheless, I sat at Café de la Mairie, doing a 21st century techno-version of Perec’s book, basically a montage of my 5 vantage points every 5 minutes. I am posting the last 5 of them.

After I got back, we checked out the disappointing Beatriz Milhazes/William Eggleston show in the beautiful, Jean Nouvel-designed, Fondation Cartier,

We had a late, fun dinner with M. Chemla at Le Paul Bert, breaching the self-imposed, no-repeat rule, yet again. Although the meal wasn’t as tasty as it’s been on other occasions, a “clunker” as Lobrano calls those that miss the mark, I did learn that Paul Bert himself (see photo) was a French Education Minister at some point whose claim to fame was that he made schooling mandatory for girls as well as boys. Anyway, I think here, it’s really about the chaleur of the place as much as the cuisine.