Day 44–Monday, Monday, Don’t Trust That Day…

It was odd, catching up on Lawyers’ Weeklys, etc. as we both did some work yesterday. Feels, at the moment anyway, like someone else’s life, although once I began working, it didn’t take a second to become focused, once again.

As I mentioned last week, it’s a national holiday, lundi de la Pâque (Easter Monday),  here today so it will be interesting to see what is actually open and closed. What is open is our local Boulanger Madame but I am told that the local administrative centres (the “Mairie”) regulate who can and can’t open on stat holidays. Can’t have the French sans leur pain.

I switched Graham to today so we continued work on the painting, trying to achieve the right values and hues although there was a clear loss of some perspective last week when I painted in some detail. You can see it on the second row of windows. Have to fix.

A beautiful day here, although I see the Jays lost yesterday, so we went for another walk, this time to and through Île St.-Louis, where Amie and Gerry married some years ago. See photos for itinerary.

Had a lovely dinner with Kirby and Marco at Le Gorille Blanc (again).