Day 3–An Afternoon in the 3rd

I am still getting used to blogging, I keep forgetting to save.

Anyway, as I was saying, before I didn’t save and the computer erased it, after a much-needed workout today, we walked to Rue Clér in the 7th arr. to check out the market there. Nice, but we have, as it turns out, a better one near us on Blvd. Raspail a couple of days a week (organic on Sundays), not that I’ve been cooking all that much as of yet.  We are still sussing out our neighbourhood.

On the way back, we took the long way around (cf. The Dixie Chicks) and went to Barthélémy, 51 r. de Grenelle, maybe the best cheese shop in the world. Bought some St. Marcellin for lunch (and should have gone back to the gym after that!) and a few other cheeses for lunch. Much like grabbing a sandwich at the office, although we don’t seem to be able to get pain Polâine everyday except at Holt Renfrew apparently.

This afternoon we walked around the 3rd Arr., part of the Marais, where fashionistas congregate (certainly not including me). Not much to recommend except a quirky little shop called Comptoir de L’image, 44 r. de Seigne, specializing in old fashion and art books and magazines, but that may just have been us as it’s a trendy shopping area. At this particular shop, I put a book on Warhol on a different pile (and there are piles and piles of old Vogues and the like) and the owner took pains to move it back to its rightful spot. You have to admire that kind of dedication to one’s business. It’s like the Beatles said, “He likes to keep his fire engine clean…” I may have to go back and buy the book before we come home.

Paris is very quiet this time of year, mostly Parisians, not many tourists, it seems, which is all the better for getting into restaurants (except Le Comptoir as I mentioned; there you are guranteed a table if you stay at the hotel, itself very comfortable and funky). Tonight we went to a local favourite, Le Timbre,, 3, rue Sainte-Beuve, a 26 seat place near here, always full after about 8:30 and run by an Englishman and one server. I don’t know how he does it but he produces superb, reasonably priced dinner, every time we’ve been there at least. I offered to assist any time but he didn’t seem overly interested.

I may have to try again.

PS On our walk today, we went by Les Invalides, where Napoleon is buried, so I thought I’d add that photo.