Day 52–More Wandering

Late night, so late morning.

Good and bad art day. A few gains, a few losses. C’est la vie.

Thought about going to the Arts et Metiers musée but it was too nice a day.

Sandy was working so I had lunch at Swann et Vincent, 7, rue St. Nicolas (12th arr.), an Italian place near Bastille. (There is another in the 14th arr.) Then as I knew Sandy had some errands to run, I wandered around various quartiers. Ran into our pal, Paul, from Fish La Boissonerie in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Strange to run into people you know here but why not, I suppose.

Went sketching in Place St. Sulpice. Not pretty, I’d say. My sketching that is, not the Place.

Seems to be our week for ethnic dining. We had dinner at Le Bistrot de Pekin, 38, rue de Ponthieu, 8th arr. (fave of the pianist Lang Lang; they certainly knew him there).

A few days ago, I may have mentioned euros in relation to a lunch or dinner which prompted a response from a friend, CS, who propounded his theory of foreign exchange, namely, when you are abroad, ignore the currency sign. A sound plan.