Sunday in Perugia

Apart from it’s lovely setting, Borgo is planted with rosemary and lavender and has the sweetest smell amidst the lush forest.

We drove to Perugia in  Umbria, about an hour away for a stroll around (I didn’t remember it quite the way it was; in fairness, I hadn’t been there in about 20 years although I probably changed more than it did.)

We happened upon a resto off the main square in a quiet alcove, La Rosetta, Piazza Italia, 19,, and with mostly Italian families, had a terrific lunch. (Not to be confused with the Roman fish restaurant, later in this blog.)

At Borgo, after another nap, we had dinner in the trattoria, run by three generations of a local family. Typical Italian fare, tagliatelle con sugo (wild boar, I think, which may be why we didn’t see that boar again) and roast lamb. Not a vegetable in sight unless you count potatoes.