Day 62–May Day

Mostly tourist-area places are open today, although one of the boulangers near here is, fortunately. Need one’s baguette for those tartines.

We walked through the Latin Quarter area. Being cordoned-off for a large “anti-racism” march scheduled for later today. The gendarmerie were mobilizing, ironically, in front of the Sorbonne and Montaigne statue.

Listening to CBC 2 online as I write, funny hearing Tom Allen, the news, etc.

Our friends, Norma and Jeremy, arrived for a few days. Our place where we had reserved dinner was,naturellement fermé, despite my having specifically asked if they were open, so we ended up the Pudlo-overrated (“an excellent bouchon-style restaurant”!) Le Bistro d’Henri, 16, rue Princesse, in the very busy area just next to Saint-Sulpice. After some 1966 Calva (Sandy and Norma smartly refrained) which we brought back from Normandy, we called it a night.