May 4–A week of repeats

Went to the gym this morning, much needed after last night’s over-consumption. Who actually needed the Vielle Prune de Souillac? Or at least the second or third one? Probably not me. Although I did buy a bottle of it today in a great shop on rue du Bac.

The French election is tomorrow, much consternation among my friends. It all depends where those scary right-wing votes are going. M. Chemla, bridge champion, told me that he wants Hollande to win for two reasons: 1) he likes M. Hollande; and 2) he hates Sarkozy. I am sure either reason might do. From seeing the defacing of election posters around, I don’t think he’s alone in disliking Sarkozy.

Walking to the gym, apart from seeing dogs of every description, I saw a guy wandering along, chomping on his baguette. No butter, no Bonne Maman confiture de rhubarbe, just the baguette. In reality, having done that myself, I have to admit they are that good.

After working out, I noticed a scale there and braving the result, stepped on. I was expecting the message, “Seulement vous, pas votre famille entier” but the event was uneventful. Fortunately, the scale was in kilos so I had no idea how bad it was. I will skip this step from now on.

A clever curator juxtaposed Debussy’s musical creativity with his interest in art to give us an excellent show at the Orangerie,, which also has some wonderful pieces in its permanent collection, along with Monet’s Water Lillies, of course.

We flagged a bit on the walk back and had to stop at Au Sauvignon for a quick glass of beer/wine and some people watching for an hour or so.

Le Comptoir at Relais St. Germain is as busy as ever and just as good, although it’s not Roo’s fave. If you are coming to Paris, come here even for lunch although the prix fixe, 55 euro, dinner is the best value in Paris.

Next week, though, except for Frenchie, no repeats. How am I supposed to blog if I am just discussing the same places as in 2009?