Back to Rome

Unfortunately, we had to go for a hike around Borgo di Vagli before we headed back to Rome. Oh, it certainly was beautiful and not all that far to walk, although mostly uphill, it just required more effort than I had been exerting over the previous few days.

After dropping the car off at Hertz, I realized that I had left my regular glasses in now-locked car, just  moments after we dropped the keys into the key slot, all of the employees having departed for the day. This was also after we had spent about half-an-hour driving around one-way streets to find the car return building in the first place. Argh.

Checked in, got our bearings and headed to the Richard Meier designed Ara Pacis building,, now housing, well, the ara pacis or peace altar, from what I could tell, a replica built in the 1930s from a design and framents of the Augustan era. It also has exhibition space in the floor below, in this case some exceelent painting by Tullio Pericoli, of whom I’d never heard, but a profound artist if this show is representative of his best work.

We had superb service (our server had relatives in Welland, of all places) and some excellent fish at la Rosetta, Via della Rosetta,, just off the Piazza del Pantheon before crashing for the night.

It was hot in Rome.