May 24–Lunch with Christine

Had to really work out today in light of the caloric consumption of the last few days. Walking helps but not enough. (Al, I did not do the TRX although there is one in the gym; Sandy does this, whatever it is, in the Jardin du Luxembourg.)

Couldn’t cross St. Sulpice today, they’re setting up booths for something. Who knew? No one told us.

Chez Omar is a no-reservation, often-line-up-for-service Moroccan resto in the Marais where we met our (usually) no-English-spoken friend Christine Durazzini. (Megan, Julie Delpy also likes this place although why, we couldn’t figure out; it’s pretty ordinary couscous and they don’t take credit cards either.) The food aside, we had a delightful lunch for a couple of hours, walked back to Les Halles and then home, stopping at Pain de Sucre on rue Rambuteau on the way back for a few sweets. If around Pompidou, it’s worth a detour.

Forgot my camera, though, so no photo.

The pedestrian traffic seems worse somehow, cell phones, I think, as it was bad enough before especially in areas like Beaubourg.

It’s finally turned hot, not warm, here so, along with us, the throngs were out after dinner. It was light until 10:30 easily. Strolled up rue Bonaparte, past de Beauvoir/Sartre square, to the river and back down rue Dauphine where we stopped at Cafe Lauren in the Hotel Aubusson, heard some excellent jazz and headed home.

A perfectly pleasant Parisian day, despite the fact that Hollande and Merkel seem not able to agree on the time of day, not good news if that persists.