Day 91–Buttes Chaumont, etc.

I wasn’t going to leave Paris without stopping at Thevenin for a croissant aux amandes or something, so added that to the net weight factor this morning. Probably cancelled out Sandy’s run and my workout at the gym. So what?

We realized we hadn’t been to the 19th arr. this trip yet, so we made up for that today by a walk through the gorgeous Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. (Cimitière du Père Lachaise was a possibility but (a) we’ve been there a number of times before; (b) it’s better to visit there on a gloomy day, at least in my opinion, or a cold, crisp day in the Fall; and (c) it’s in the 20th arr.)

Last time we were in Buttes-Chaumont, it was freezing cold, a few Januarys ago. This time, it was equally beautiful but with lush foliage. (Check out photos, Brigitte.)

In the afternoon, we went over the Jardin du Luxembourg and sat by the Medici fountain. Very tranquil.

Later, we stopped by the Café de la Mairie for some excellent people-watching; very busy around town today.

Sandy had noticed earlier that the Red Sox/Blue Jays ballgame was showing at the Moose, a Canadian-themed bar owned by an Australian, so, sport that she is, we went there before a late dinner at L’épigramme, just down the street. Jays were losing 3-2 when we left.

Had a very pleasant dinner, walked the 30 seconds home, and that, mes amis, was our sabbatical.