We drove the 45 minutes or so to Arezzo, another charming hill town, at least in the old city centre. Giorgio Vasari had built an arcade in the old square (Piazza Grande) and we checked out the San Francesco frescos (like “Tallahassee Lassie”) in the nearby chiesa.

We had lunch in La Vigna, very down-to-earth cooking, just off the main drag leading to the old town. A bottle of rough Tuscan Rosso di  Montalcino topped the cake.

Back at Borgo, it was pizza night and the multitudes throng the trattoria for about 19 (or so it seemed) different types of thin-crust pizza, from Margheria to ham later on in the serving. Oh, there was a basic salad to start.

A very enjoyable evening. We sat next to the architect of the enterprise, Fulvio di Rossi, and had a pleasant chat amidst the many Americans there. Next to us, however, was a doctor and his wife–small world moment, ready?–it was the doctor who removed Sandy’s appendix when she was 12. Encouraged our interest in Borgo.