Day 45–Can We Be on the Downslope Already?

Fortunately, I think we have another day or two before we’ve reached halfway. March and May have 31 days. Distressing thought generally, though.  Meanwhile, I see that Skadden, Arps has offered 1,300 associates worldwide a sabbatical year off at 1/3 their salary rather than making major layoffs. In fact, the associates who do this are guaranteed their jobs when they get back and immune from layoffs during their sabbatical time. Sounds like a plan. None for partners,though, apparently.

We did some work today, Sandy way more than I, but apart from lunch with my French teacher from last month, the charming Isabelle (from Normandy), at our local café, now affectionately called “The Douce” or, perhaps, “The Deuce” by us, we have done nothing else of consequence. (Oh, I went to the gym earlier and stopped at the marché on the way back and had a nap this afternoon. Sandy is still on the phone as I write this.)

I haven’t taken any photos today (and think that I included one of the Deuce earlier) so I snagged one from our walk home yesterday.