May 2–A Run in the Park

Cooler today and have been vacillating about going back to the sketchy gym near here, although, it is near here. So we went for a run in the Jardin. Actually, it’s fairer to say, Roo ran, I (kind of) jogged. Still, it’s enough to get in my daily half-hour of something, apparently needed by everyone according to the elevator news.

After a late start, headed to L’epigramme, under new (charming) ownership and even better than we remembered from last time.

Megan, I have photo of Kristin Scott Thomas’s apartmenet building (she lives near here) but I can’t figure out how to rotate it; it came out sideways for some reason.

Sauntered across the river to one of the remaining passages, a covered arcade, called Vero-Deodat in the 1st arr. past the Louvre. On the Pont des Arts, romantic locks are now hooked onto the screening with names on them. That’s certainly new since we were here 3 years ago.

Bought a Figaro for the Figaroscope, a Pariscope and a dictionary and came home for a rest but as I am typing, through the fog and rain, I noticed the Eiffel Tower top which I hadn’t before. Very cool.

Tonight, we had dinner at Frenchie. We couldn’t get a reservation so just showed up. To call the cuisine sublime does it a disservice. My advice: if you are coming to Paris anytime soon, start calling now as it will take you almost that long to get a reservation. Arranged another reservation before we left, it was that sensational. And it’s basically in an alleyway in the 2nd as you can see from the photo.