Photography Friday

Got up early to read more of the “Girl” and then lolled our way to Caffe Sain’ Eustache for an early morning coffee/chocolate with the IHT. One thing about Italy–the pastries are awful, almost universally, and the bread mostly right along with it. (There are some exceptions with the bread; none with the pastries.I’m not sure how you could live in a country, as beautiful as this one is, with that kind of baking?)

Took in the excellent William Klein photography show–Rome 1956-1960– at the new restored Mercati Traiano (the old markets, near Trajan’s column),, and it was a great juxtaposition of the 20th century photographs with the thousand year old artifacts.

Despite being just off the thronging Trevi Fountain, the always terrific and reliable Al Moro (dal 1929), Vicolo delle Bollette, 13, was just that. A great trattoria. (Met the Moro grandson now running the place.)

Another scorcher today left us mostly inside in the afternoon, errands and the like.

Although we had to wait for a table outside,  it was worth the wait for a late night plate of prosciutto and cheese at one of our faves, Cul de Sac, Piazza Pasquino 73, just  off Piazza Navona.