Off to London

Touch and go as to whether we’d get away when scheduled but the plane took off and landed pretty much on time. Stupidly left one of my bags in the taxi but after I thought it was gonzo for good, the taxi driver heard it fall and found us just going into Joe and Anna’s. Saved narrowly. The anxiety would have been too much trying to find a lost bag among the black London taxis. We went to Le Cafe Anglais,, and the executive chef, Rowley Leigh, was there. We read his columns in the weekend Financial Times. It was his 60th birthday. A very friendly bloke. Sauntered around Notting Hill and Kensington Gardens and back to Anna and Joe’s where I am hanging out with Mr. Joseph Schull, my good buddy, and his siblings, James and the charming Lara. (Photos later although I didn’t have my camera at the resto so no picture.) Staying at home tonight for a little rest and relaxation.