Day 66–Les Catacombes

Had to go to art, Sandy to French so Jessica (who ran into someone she knew from high school last night) went to the photo exhibit we saw a few months ago.

Painting continues apace.

I knew there was a reason, apart from the American tourists flocking to the place because of the scene from “Something’s Got to Give” that was shot there, that we had never been to Le Grand Colbert, 24, rue de Vivienne, While a very pretty room and attentive-enough service, the overpriced food was really pretty underwhelming.

An overcast afternoon called for an overcast adventure, so we headed to the Catacombs for an eerie excursion through the 1.7km of an underground quarry that the French filled over the years with bones from various cemeteries about 200+ years ago. Afterwards, we tooled around the 14th, ending up at the Observatory where a French scientist discovered the speed of light.

It was an unlikely choice as the resto is located on rue du Dragon, where we’ve never had a good dinner, but L’Altro, 16, rue du Dragon was pretty decent Italian food.