Day 71–Another Walk

We come home 3 weeks today. Already!!!!!!!!! Sandy says not to think like that but hard to do that…

Went to the gym, now a Metro ride away. Back home, Sandy climbed the stairs, I took the elevator. Must be a moral in there somewhere, maybe in relation to the F A T factor?

Working through an article on Cécile de France in Télérama. The articles in Figaroscope and like magazines, I find useful for colloquial expressions, etc., but they still take time to try to get the meaning right. Hard slogging.

Had some waterpipe issues in the apartment which caused a delay in getting going so I took Maura and Bill over to the Raspail “Bio” Marché.

Walked around the Châtelet area, past the Pompidou Centre to the Arts & Métiers Métro, then flipped over to the Marais to have an “Ace” Falafel/Shwarma with Maura and Bill. After a quick walk around the Marais, they went to the Rodin museum and we came home for une petite pause.

Dinner at Chez L’Ami Louis was, as usual, too much fun. (“Ain’t No Such Thing as Too Much Fun,” Bill Kirchen)

And, Shannon, the snails (escargots) were delicious.

Not to mention, finalement, they had fraises des bois! (With crème frâiche, no less.)