Day 73–More Art

At Graham’s for more work on the opus minimis.

Sandy had work and I had lunch with Charlotte at Le Pré Carré, 3, avnue Carnot, a little resto near her office in the 17th arr hat she likes. Walking out of her office, if you turn right, you see the Arc de Triomphe, sort of like seeing the Toronto Club, say, leaving the TD Bank Tower. Maybe not.

Anyway, the waiter spoke to me in English when I spoke to him in French and I asked Charlotte how he knew I am an Anglo. “You were pleasant,” she said, “unlike the French.” Not so sure but there is some way they seem to know. Perhaps my accent when speaking French?

Gord Sato had been telling me about La Maison du Whisky at 20, rue d’Anjou so I walked over and spent a few minutes gazing at the hundreds of bottlles of old and unique Scotch, rather overwhelming, I might say.

Sandy and I had a late afternoon boisson at Café de la Mairie as the day turned sunny and warm, a start contrast to yesterday.

Dinner tonight was in a beautiful Belle Epoque  room, just off rue Paul Bert, called Chardenoux, 1, rue Jules-Vallès, in the 11th arr. A very pleasant evening. We even took the bus, there and back. (It’s a great way to see the city, as I’ve mentioned; see the photo of the Arab Centre at night.)