Day 50–Sunday, Again!

I can’t believe it’s Sunday again. They are rolling around, all too fast.

We were late getting up and to the gym, although as I’ve mentioned, the gym doesn’t even open until 9.

My sister, Tilda Shalof, who is wickedly funny, has just had her 3rd book published by McClelland & Stewart, Called “Camp Nurse,” it’s just out and I am shamelessly and unabashedly promoting it. Tilda’s website is under construction as we bloggers say, but it’s I’ve heard bits of the stories but don’t suspect W.H. Smith will have it here yet so we’ll have to get our copies when we get home.

As it was pouring, we had a café/chocolat chaud at Les Editeurs (many publishers near here) and then went across Blvd. Saint Germain to see “Welcome,” an excellent movie about the French ambivalence to immigrants which is causing a stir here. No one in the 1:00 p.m. show, too early for the French, I think, as the 5:00 p.m. show yesterday was sold out.

Afterwards, we strolled around the 6th arr., ending up at Café de Flore late in the day for refreshment and people-watching. Very busy there today.

This seems to be a week of resto-repeats as we had dinner again at L’Ami Louis, which was a little more restrained tonight as were we. (Well, maybe not.)