Day 41–Not a Holiday Here

Good Friday seems to be a normal working day here. I had class anyway, although Sandy’s Monday class is cancelled, un jour férié.

Had a leisurely, 3-hour lunch, with much wine, with Gerry, Amie and Eric and our friend Norma and a friend of hers at Fish La Boissonerie (again). Seems better to feast on larger lunches, smaller dinners, especially in relation to the F-A-T factor. Can’t imagine going back to a club sandwich and diet Coke but there it is…the stark reality.

Hung around the apartment in the afternoon, doing some work that I have to complete, as did Sandy.

Then went out much later for a quick snack at Da Rosa, 62, rue de Seine, and met Gerry, Amie and Eric for some jazz.

All in all, a good “sabbatical” day, apart from the work, of course.