May12–Another Late Start

These late starts are getting to be a habit but having “lived” here now for a while, at least cumulatively, there’s less pressure to “do” something.

Apart from being a beautiful building, the Grand Palais hosts great art. Although we don’t find all installation art appealing, except for an artist like Anish Kapoor, say, nevertheless, the Daniel Buren show,, was conceptually ingenious and fun.

When we were here 3 years ago, we saw Julie Delpy’s Two Days in Paris. Tonight we saw her sequel, Two Days in New York. This was more charming than the last one although I confess I do like Julie Delpy herself whatever she’s in.

Met a physicist from Yale, who is speaking here somewhere, at Fish’s new restaurant across the street called Semilla, 54 rue de Seine, which we happened on by accident but which is well worth the visit even if you don’t run into a world-renowned Yale prof whose last name we never got.