A Madrid Tour

Sandy went to the educational program, I went to the gym, then came back to the room to curse at this dysfunctional computer. It’s rather pathetic how we rage at inanimate objects, of course to no avail.

Tried to get a cable for my computer but no luck so no photos this blog, hyperlinked websites only. Photos when I get back.

Anyway, as a result, I ended up skipping what was apparently an excellent educational program. Will have to read the papers given.

In contrast to the greasy tapas last night, the ones at Estado Puro, www.tapasenestadopuro.com, were simply terrific.

After lunch, we took one of the sponsored tours around Madrid (the “secret Madrid” or some such) and the city turns out, unlike Lisbon, say, to be a very elegant, charming, full of old and new architecture. We stopped at beautifully restored home, the Fundación Lázaro Galdiano, www.flg.es, in which the Galdiano family collection is kept and they collected everything from arms (crossbows and the like) and art to tapestry. On the more modern end, we checked out an exhibition space called the Caixa Forum, www.laie.es, an old power station (I think) retro-fitted by Herzog & de Meuron (who also did the Tate Modern).

Although having had much work today, it didn’t seem to burn off the calories acquired at lunch. Nevertheless, we had a group dinner (another tasting menu) at a place run by the same chef who owns Estada Puro, a guy who worked at El Bulli for some years. First time I’ve had to put on a jacket (except for the cold weather today). All that just to have dinner but at La Terraza del Casino, www.casinodemadrid.com, it was a pretty sensational dinner in a gorgeous building, having nothing to do with the Madrid casino located about 20 km away.

Once again, another late night and while I answered some emails when we got back, I got a few replies this morning inquiring if I weren’t emailing way past our bedtime? It certainly was.