Day 53–Back to the Marais

After French, we headed to the Marais, again. The lineup wasn’t too bad today so we got a falafel from L’As du Falafel, 34, rue des Rosiers, and took it to Place des Vosges to consume.

Afterwards, we wandered the southern part of the Marais, below rue St. Antoine. (See photos.)

We spent much time in the extensive and very moving Shoah Memorial. (There is security on the way in and out.)

After a considerable pause at Au Sauvignon and later at home, we went to Liza, 14, rue de la Banque,, in the 2nd, a lovely Lebanese place allthough our dinner was only so-so. It’s also disspriting to be the first diners in a resto at 8 p.m., even in Paris, let alone that there were only two more tables that showed up all evening.

On the other hand, I think that there are areas, typically financial districts as in Toronto, where restaurants don’t seem to attract people after working hours. This was certainly true in this part of the quartier, just across the street from the Bourse. Along with the restraurant, the are seemed very deserted. Maybe it’s more popular at lunch, qui sait?