Day 87–Signing Off

I see the Blue Jays have lost their 7th straight. I used to let a Jays loss bother me to no end but no more. No more than an hour or two now, I mean.

It’s always an interesting question to know when a piece of art is done. I have never been able to let it go, thinking I could make it better by further tinkering. That’s true of the piece I’ve been doing these 3 months. Nevertheless, I signed off today. All I  can say is that “hanging’s too good for it.”

Pouring rain here today, had lunch at home (including, but not limited to, a splendid peach tart from Café Lux on rue de Vaugirard, in the old ‘hood) and hung around working this afternoon.

Ran a few errands then tried to get into the Biblioteque Mazarine but it was closed, une grève apparement.(Proust worked there a short while; at some point, he stopped showing up and they eventually assumed he’d quit.)

Headed back to the 11th for a nice dinner with Graham and Lori at the very popular, 50-year old Astier, 44, rue Jean-Pierre-Timbaud, Lobrano amusingly says this: “I can’t think of better proof of the reliability of my dictum that Paris restaurants with red-and-white jacquard cotton tablecloths never serve bad food than…Astier.” It’s also noted for its large and varied cheese tray. (See photo.)

Caught the 96 bus right in front and called it an evening.