Day 78–A Day for a Play

The usuals at the gym, meaning that for an hour’s workout, half the time was spent waiting for someone to finish reading their paper and move to another machine or bench. The usual techno-pop, too. (Think Kylie Minogue, nah, maybe not. Even the awful Gerry Rafferty, “Baker Street” tune from the 70s, made even worse by updating it, so to speak.)

Got some stuff for dinner at the Bio-marché on the way back including a baguette nature. Have to say that I prefer the regular, crusty stuff from any boulanger.

Was thinking that as our French got better, we started eschewing the Anglo guidebooks (most of which have already been shipped back to Toronto) in favour of the French ones, even from Figaroscope, where they interview someone once a week to talk about his or her quartier. In our quartier at home, we could talk about Pusateri’s instead of, say, the Marché d’Aligré, the new Vintages store on Avenue Road instead of le Marchand de Vin but you get the idea…Not that I’m complaining or anything.

We saw an excellent production of Médée (Élodie Navarre etait superbe!) in the 20th arr., Sandy having already read the play (in French, bien sûr), then had a quiet evening at home.