Day 46–French, Lunch and Another Museum

Sandy’s day off. Had class today. It was better, more useful. It was about buying things rather than last week, applying for a job, although no doubt useful in these bad economic times.

We were sluggish yesterday for no good reason. More energy today. I think it’s difficult to do an activity every day but I think we did less yesterday than any other day here.

Meanwhile, I see that Mark “The Bird” Fidrych died. 54. Too young!

Having been rebuffed, politely I should add, twice previously from L’Epi Dupin, 11 rue near here, we had a supberb lunch (34 euros for entrée, plat et dessert and well worth it) despite somewhat snotty service. Besides this, the point, the resto gets knocked for the hustle and noise but it’s really a serious step up, without the attendant cost, from the basic bistros, the down-home cooking places at which we’ve been dining. Very inventive, innovative, beautifully prepared cuisine. (The name is a play on words, un epi is an ear or tuft, and this is the way they make their bread. So, Dupin/du pain, get it?) A repeat visit is definitely in the cards.

After un pause, we took a spin around the Decorative Arts Museum, part of the Louvre,, where we saw a show on Art Deco bijoux (jewellery) and another on old French TV commercials, both interesting.

That was it for the day. Just hung out at home this evening, but at least we weren’t 3-toed tree sloths (an “ai” in the English Scrabble dictionary, who gnu?) like yesterday.