Day 75–Arts and Music (but No Art today)

Although Graham is in Italy for the next few days, there is a lot going on here, arts-wise, at the moment.

Movies at one chain are 3euros, the St-Germain-des-Prés art gala is on, there is an open Museum night on Saturday at various places. Much to choose from, hard to decide.

Was shuttled out of the apartment in the middle of my tea so shuffled over to the Viennese place across Saint-Germain for a chocolat chaud, which Lebovitz thinks is the best in Paris, better than Angelina even. Without all the chantilly that I had had the last time, it wasn’t bad at all, although I prefer Angelina’s.

Had an excellent lunch at a little resto that opened about 18 months ago just down the street, L’épigramme, 9, rue de l’Eperon, 6th arr. Small but bright and charming with an excellent menu, excellent value as well.

Both of us had work to do today, so that’s what we did.

We heard the 27 year old, sensational Chinese pianist Yundi Li in recital at Salle Pleyel. It’s not a very interesting concert hall (although in a rectangular shape as they should be) but you could hear every note. Even the Mussorsky “Pictures at an Exhibition” which we’ve heard now 3 times over the last 6 months was thoroughly enjoyable. He played for 2+ hours without a sheet of music in front of him. Extraordinary!