May 6–Dimanche

Very quiet this morning on the way to the gym, even at 8:45. Even Blvd. St. Germain wasn’t that noisy, a drizzly, cool day for the French elections.

By 10, though, the Marche Bio on Blvd. Raspail was busy. Recognized some of the same fishmongers from 3 years ago. People here seem to keep their jobs for a long time, like the waiters at Au Sauvignon. Interestingly, at the fish market, instead of calling it Dover sole, they call it Sole Francaise. Some wars never end.

Both French candidates have campaigned on restoring French cultural values and eschewing globalization which means, less immigration, especially from Muslim countries despite several facts: the Muslims have integrated better here than most places and France is a leader in global reach, as a writer in today’s NYT pointed out. The outcome will be fascinating, an election completely hijacked by Marine Le Pen’s right wing platform.

Had a very nice lunch with our friends, Paul and Jackie, at their place in the 10th, near Gare du Nord. (Megan, she’s won a Cesar for costume design.) Paul’s theory is that Sarkozy won’t win because the French don’t think he’s really French.

Whatever the reason, turns out that he was right although if there was rejoicing in the streets, it was far from the quiet quartier in which we are living.

Quiet evening all around although with MLB At Bat 12, I could watch the Blue Jays live, something I couldn’t do even three years ago.