Day 81–Another Day, Another Play

Now look forward to reading Le Figaro on Wednesdays along with the IHT and today is Wednesday.

We worked in the morning, then trekked out to near the northwestern part of Périphérique, the ring road that encircles Paris, to the highly-touted, Hier et Aujourd’hui, 145 rue Saussure, in the 17th arr. for lunch. And it was a trek. I thought it was worth it, Sandy didn’t. But the couple who run this small but packed, exposed brick resto were, again, trés sympatique espcially as we were the only Anglos in the place. I couldn’t decide which dessert to have so the chef’s wife, who ran the dining room, brought me both (something we certainly didn’t need).

Then, except for a short, 4 stop Metro ride, we walked from the 17th to Concorde. (See photos.)

Saw a terrific play, “A voir absolument!” (to the exent we understood it) at Théâtre des Maturins in the 9th, near the Opéra where we seemed to be most of the day.

Had a crêpe on the way home, as the play started at 9, and no places serves much of anything else after 11.