Day 23–Le Lundi Bleu, Even in Paris

Although we are in Paris, occasionally there are aggravating days, this was one. So, if other people’s aggravation aggravates you, don’t bother reading this blog entry.

We’ve been here 3 weeks now. Seems longer, which I think is a good thing. Time elongates when you can do something today or tomorrow, whichever works better.

I thought I had to clear out this morning for the place to be cleaned so I went to buy some sketching supplies but the shop was closed. Many shops don’t open until later on Mondays, something I knew but didn’t remember. The cleaner also didn’t show up until later in the day when we were home, malheureusement.

I walked around the ‘hood. As I was going by Saint-Sulpice, I thought I’d stop in although, as I mentioned, the exterior has been undergoing construction and sand-blasting the last several times we’ve been here. Anyway, there was an amusing sign near the Gnomon (obelisk-shaped measuring device) which said in effect, ‘Contrary to the fanciful allegations made in a recent bestselling novel, this Church has never been used as a pagan temple.’ And, ‘The P and S in the transcept windows stand for Peter and Sulpice, not the Priory of Sion.’ I guess they told Dan Brown although, no doubt, he’s crying all the way to the bank.

Wandered through the buildings and grounds of the gorgeous School of Fine Arts (École des Beaux-Arts), also under extensive renovation, and a few other places and met Sandy after her class.

We are clearly finding a routine, a daily rhythm, although with computers, emails, network access, we even have time to get aggravated with work-related matters as we both were today. It’s supposed to be a sabbatical, at least for me, and I should heed the Prince’s advice and detach completely. Easier said than done. It’s a trade-off of sorts, seems to me. Checking emails only once a day helps, although not checking at all would be better. As you can tell, there’s an internal debate being held. Voilà, c’est assez.

Had lunch, however, at a very nice, reasonably-priced place, specializing in southern French regional cooking (interestingly, using lots of north African/Moroccan spices) called La Boussole, 12, rue Guisarde,

Finally made it to Sennelier, an art supply store that has been around over 100 years, and bought a few sketching pencils and things including an eraser. Need one of those, sans doute.

Given the movie discount days, we tried to see Slumdog Millionaire, but got there too late, only the first 3 rows available. Then we went back to sit around at Café de la Mairie at Place Saint-Sulpice but the wind came up and blew too much dust from the construction across the street so we left, came home, turned on CBC Radio Two and adopted a Zen approach to the remains of the day. (“We know the sound of two hands clapping, but what is the sound of one hand clapping?)