Day 55–Off to Normandy

There is more silliness going on here. Because of a prohibition against smoking in advertising, the ads for a Jacques Tati retrospective have had to put little windmills/flowers (I can’t tell which) on the Tati character, Monsieur Hulot’s pipe. Hulot is an earlier version of silent Mr. Bean. I never liked either, franchement, but it’s caused a stir among the arts community and politicians.

After class, we took off for Normandy, about a two+ hour drive northwest of here for the weekend. On the way in, we caught a glimpse of the gorgeous Normandy bridge, essentially connecting Honfleur, where we stayed, to Le Havre, to the north. More about this on Sunday.The zany, but brilliant Erik Satie was born in Honfleur.

A lovely harbour and quaint little houses but the area is becoming more gastronomically alive than had been the case. We certainly experienced that.

We had haute cuisine at Le Ferme Saint-Simeon, rue Adolphe Marais, (My friend, JIL and I dined there about 10 years ago.) Our only complaint was that the sommelier was beyond snotty.