Day 33–A Sunny Day and Some Exquisite Architecture

Was wondering at the gym why French pop music, not only the technopop but all of it, sounds so much worse than the North American varient? Maybe it’s what you get used to.

Herman Franks died, I see.

My painting proceeds apace. Graham is an excellent teacher, especially technically, showing me the rudiments of composition, something I’ve never learned.

After lunch, we went on another outing; it’s beautiful here today.

We started at the Jardin des Plantes, the botanical and zoological gardens at the end of the 5th arr, across from Gare d’Austerlitz. Into the Paris Mosque with minaret where the muezzin still calls the adherents to prayer. Into the Arènes de Lutèce, an old Roman ampitheatre where they held gladiatorial fights. Along rue des Boulangers, named for the 16th century bakers who lived on this charming, winding street. Past the lovely Le Brun townhouse that they seem to be doing something with, although what, we couldn’t quite figure out. Then into the splendid Jean Nouvel-designed Arab Institute where we had mint tea on the roof, well worth the 12 euro price for the beauty of the building,the café  and the exquisite views of Paris, especially handy now that the old department store across the river, Samaritaine has closed. It, too, had a terrific panorama view.

Making choucroute for dinner tonight.