May 13–Dimanche encore

It’s May in Paris although the Marche Bio seemed to be full of French locals when I was there this morning.

Took in a particularly excellent Atget show at Musee Carnavalet,, although any Atget show is worth the time, at least in my opinion.

There was another fun show there as well: Vis-a-Vies in which a photographer took a photo of all the staff at Carnavalet and paired it in a diptych with that person’s favourite image from their collection.

Beautiful day here which brought out the throngs even around our ‘hood. Getting there on the 96 bus was no problem but it took over an hour to get home on the same bus.

Although I told Sandy “no repeats” of restos, that we’ve clearly been breached now 4 or 5 times already and again tonight at L’Ami Louis with Yves Fortier who is doing an arbitration here. All I can say is that we should all have a fraction of the career Yves has had.