May 11–Errands

Despite being abroad, you still have errands to do so as Sandy was in London today, I ran a few of them.

Le Fooding is a French website for foodies, a lot off the beaten path, like Au Passage, 1 bis passage Saint-Sebastien in the 2nd. The passage is essentially an alley-way (not unlike the alley-way where Frenchie is) and although in the 2nd arr., Au Passage is in the middle of nowhere. Nevertheless, it was packed at lunch, I was the only Anglo in the place and it’s no wonder, a three-course menu with cheese was 19 euros and why people go to the touristy places off Blvd. St. Germain instead of a short trek to a place like this beats the hell out of me.

Walked over to the 8th and then down the Champs-Elysees along with the teeming throngs of polyglottonous street-roamers. This beautiful avenue has become so cliched by the global brands, it’s pretty sad really. There are a few bright spots like the sexy, vibrant Renault building (see photo) by a relatively young Parisian architect but otherwise, rather dismal.

Dinner with friends at Le Bistrot Paul Bert, a place we never tire of, for good reason. Our friends took a cab back to their hotel, we took the Metro back here, a late night.