Day 51–Architectural Monday

There can be no doubt that we now have fewer days left on sabbatical than not.

It’s my day off today, Sandy has class, but I have some work to finish.

We went back to the beautiful 16th today for an architectural walk. The Art Nouveau architect, Hector Guimard, he of the famous Métro station entrances, worked in and around this area. Art Deco came along afterwards. Even later, Le Corbusier and other modernists built around here. (Unfortunately, although we’ve visited before, Corbusier’s neighbouring Villa Jeanneret and Villa La Roche (and the Fondation Corbusier) were closed for renovations.) In any case, many of the apartment and other residential buildings in the quartier, almost no matter what style, are gorgeous.

Spent a fun evening with our friends Charlotte and Antonis (and, for a while their 3 enfants). They had some trenchant observations about life in Paris, a different perspective from folk who actually live and work here. No doubt beautiful, they say,  but lacking in substance and depth underneath as compared, for instance, to London.

We went to an Argentinian place in the 3rd, Anahi, 49, rue Volta, right around the corner from L’Ami Louis, oddly enough, where we’d  been the night before.