Day 90–Off to Another Market, etc.

Even the treadmill had a word for me this morning. After about 10 minutes of chugging, the message showed up, “When are you starting this run?” It made me think that, although highly unlikely, I’ve become French, at least in the gym. More likely is that I’ve become something else, also starting with the letter “F” (and ending in “A-T”).

After the gym, we had a café at the Pause Café, 41, rue de Charonne, then strolled around the vibrant Marché d’Aligre, both in the 11th. On the way, we dropped into Barrio Latino, 46-48, rue du Fbg St. Antoine, part of the Buddha Bar chain of “hip” bars/restos,, just to suss it out. It’s an old furniture store, now a Mexican/French restaurant/bar/night spot with a gorgeous interior. Way too cool for us, I suspect, although they let us in to see it today.

Still trying to fit a number of places in, we went around the corner to Le 21, strangely enough, Shannon, located at  21, rue Mazarine, for an excellent dejeuner. It’s a quiet resto that seems to rely on word-of-mouth (our source was François Simon’s blog) but well-worth finding. (It’s a bit pricey, though.)

Ran errands and did some work this afternoon although it’s turned into a glorious day.

Graham stopped by to discuss a possible project.

On the way (back) to L’Ecailler tonight, we passed a street on which Sandy wants to acquire a place, just for its name, Impasse Charles Petit. Oddly, there’s an A Vendre sale in one of the apartment windows. Not this trip, unfortunately.