Day 70–More Walking on a Rainy Day

I noticed that I had April as the date a few days ago. Must have been wishful thinking.

We slept in (for a change) and woke up trying to decide our plan for the day. Sandy went for a run, I had a tea and read the papers.

The food at the Brasserie Balzar, 49, rue des Ecoles,, was a consistently average as I remembered from our last visit but, in contrast to last night, Sandy’s and my lunch there was very fun because of the charming mâitre d’ and even more charming waiter. Makes much of a difference.

Since we were in the area, we walked through an older down and out part of Paris in the 5th along the rue Mouffetard, a lively market street now. Good walk, especially since I didn’t work out today but somehow we missed the St-Médiard church. Too bad since it was named after the patron saint of umbrella makers!

Still raining when we got back to the apartment for une pause.

And they were also charming and friendly, comme d’habitude, at L’Ecailler where we had dinner (again).