Day 40–With 50 to Go

Not half-way into the sabbatical, thankfully, but what have we accomplished?

The pigeons, nesting in our courtyard who wake us up, were late today so I couldn’t post yesterday’s blog until later today. Very inconsiderate of them, I think.

The towels at the gym smell of vinegar–French wine vinegar, mind you, but vinegar none the less.

My work on the painting is moving along, thanks to Graham’s excellent direction. It’s actually his painting, although my hand, but it’s still satisfying learning the fundamentals.

We had a last minute, pressure-decision about lunch but ended up at  Josephine “Chez Dumonet”, 117, rue du Cherche-Midi, just off Blvd. Montparnasse, where we were treated very well. We ignored an American couple sitting next to us. Although they looked like liberal Democrats, you can never tell. After all, they elected George Bush–twice, no less.

Headed over to the Grand Palais for the Warhol show but it’s spring break here, too crowded so left it for another day and walked back to the apartment. Just as well, it’s beautiful here today.

Ended up having an afternoon drink at Café de la Mairie and, like the French, a quick dinner much later.