Day 29–Sunday, Not in the Park

Blogging has, it seems, turned into performance art, having received mock-blogs, as GPS has termed them, (“Mock-U-Blogs”?) from certain pals of mine, one from Nashville and one from Toronto, respectively. I can only respond to the chiding by saying, of course blogging is self-absorbed, that’s the whole point it seems to me. Not as self-absorbed as Twitter but I don’t know how to do Twitter–at least not yet. Although maybe they are saying that we aren’t providing enough quotidien details of our time here? Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out how to hyperlink their blog entries onto this one. (Robert, how do I do that?)

After a workout (Sandy ran in the Luxembourg Gardens with the Paris firemen and I went to the gym) and a good brunch at Le Réfectoire, 80 bd Richard-Lenoir, along the canal, we worked, unfortunately, and not on French or art either. I am overdue on a certain chapter of a book (as well as needing to deal with a few real work-related matters) and Sandy has regular work to do.

I have to say it was sobering, spending the last few hours reading OR cases and recent Lawyers’ Weekly and other slush-pile material that we brought with us and working on the book chapter. Enough of that!

A boring entry, no? Have a look at the fish market photo, though.  Each Sunday I make a fish dinner at our apartment.  C’est une tradition nouvelle pour nous.

P.S.  After considerable pressure, Sandy will be making guest appearances on the blog…without her blue raincoat.  Stay tuned.