Day 68–A Pretty Lazy Day

Took Jess to taxi stand at Hotel Lutetia and saw her off to airport. We were glad she could spend some time here with us before she started work and packed a lot into the days she was here.

Sandy went for a run and I headed to Graham’s, after which, despite a particularly rude waitress, we enjoyed a leisurely lunch with Greg Cooper and Linda Meldrum at Le Pré Verre, 8, rue Thénard, in the 5th arr. Although that this place also made it into Lobrano’s top 102 restos in Paris makes you wonder a bit. Certainly good but that’s about it.

Just over 3 weeks to go! Greg made the point though that if you said, I’m going to spend 3 weeks in Paris, you’d be elated. Matter of perspective, of course.

He also asked if we felt like natives by now. I think you have to be Parisian-born and bred to feel like a native but there are things that make us feel like we do live here. In the afternoon, I called a restaurant where we hadn’t been for about 6 weeks to make another reservation. After I gave my name, the hostess said she remembered us, “Les canadiens, non?” she asked.

Worked a bit in the late afternoon, started to pack as well as we have to move tomorrow.’

Went to a very happening Thai place, Mme Shawn, 18, rue Caffarelli,, in the 3rd for a late dinner and watched part of a French film, Pas de Scandal, when we got home before it was past our (French) bedtime. About 3 hours later than our Toronto one.