Day 31–Art (Just Art, not Garfunkel)

Made further progress on my painting, under Graham’s excellent direction. As I erased last week’s by mistake, I have attached before and after today. (Really, Shannon, there is a difference in these two.) Breaking down technique into its basics is, or course, very illuminating. Having looked at art all these years, it’s fascinating to understand how the artists did it.

Worked a bit, Sandy had a call, ran some errands, went to a couple of cafés to hang out (as we had beautiful weather here today) although when we got to Saint-Sulpice, I felt a little self-conscious about starting to sketch. Maybe tomorrow.

Had dinner at Chez Goerges, 1 rue du Mail, in the 2nd arr. A charming place, good food, nice evening as we walked back to our place, across the Pont des Art, past the French Academie as you will see in the photos.