Day 25–Another Lazy Day

99 emails, although a number (thankfully) were wine-related. Cleared them on my new approach, once each morning, no more logging on to the network.

Meanwhile, I see that George Kell  has died. Sic transit gloria..,.Somehow that item didn’t show up in Le Figaro which we reviewed in class, along with 6 other Parisian papers, today. Trying to ascertain the signficant political differences among them. Very illuminating.

Otherwise, it’s been a particularly lazy day after lunch. Reading and the like. It’s overcast and cool here.

There is not one restaurant guide that does not mention, with accolades, Le Baratin, 3 rue Jouye-Rouve in the sketchy Belleville section of the 20th arr. (Edith Piaf was born around here.) For good reason. No decor to speak of except random kitsch, wooden tables, no tablecloths, just superb cuisine, very reasonable portions and a phenomenally interesting wine collection which one of the proprietors seems to keep in his head. Along with Le Beurre Noisette, one of the two best dinners we’ve had this trip. Interestingly, this was one downscale place where most of the men wore jackets, as a sign of respect, I think. Chefs from other restos apparently come here after they finish work and when we left at around 10, people were still streaming in the door. And Joanne Kates missed this place??

A friend asked why we’ve turned off the no post option. That is a good question although we had our reasons at the time, will reconsider. (Robert, I take it we can do this?)

Must do something more constructive, less lazy, tomorrow.