Day 65–Taking Advantage of Spring

The weather is so changeable here this time of year that if you get a nice day, you must take advantage of it. That, plus the fact that schools having finished, the tourist hordes have begun to arrive.

Sandy had class so Jessica and I wandered around until lunch. I had read about a place in Figaroscope last week and so we went. Turned out to be an excellent choice, Cinq-Mars, 51, rue de Verneuil (can’t say words that have that -u-i-l combination for some reason) in the 7th, just behind the Musée d’Orsay (unfortunately, closed today).

After lunch, to work off the crème brulée et riz au lait, which don’t sound so fattening in French for some reason, we hiked up and down the Seine across the bridges, hitting 5 or 6 of them. On the way home, saw a famous French film star walking her dog.

Jessica and I then had a nap but she, still having some jet-lag, at least had an excuse.

The place we wanted to try was closed so we had dinner at a relatively new bistro, made to look old, Pères & Filles, 81, rue de Seine. Un-blogworthy cuisine. (Old food made to look new?)

Having been on the bridges all day, we went under them at night on the Bateaux Mouches although on the way back towards the moor, it got a little chilly, had to duck down into the cabin. Still, as touristy as this is, it’s a great way to see Paris, especially at night. Apart from anything else, the Eiffel Tower sparkles and glows.