May 5–A late start

Can’t get a good jump on the day when you sleep in until 10 but went to the gym anyway. Saw one of the friendlier guys from the old gym on my way back. I still find in incredible that I walk across Place St. Sulpice to go somewhere everyday.

The new cafe next to Polaine was packed so had a quick lunch at Matteo & Paola’s place, then stopped by Polaine on the way up Raspail to Barthelemy for some fromages, especially the Langres which is currently smelling up our kitchen beautifully.

A drizzly, overcast day, we stayed around the flat and had a late dinner at Au Moulin-a-Vent,, down at the end of Blvd. St. Germain, recommended by Chemla. It was full of mostlyFrench folk having simply great, hearty food. Sat next to a perfectly charming, retired couple from Brazil although Mme. seemed particulary weary when I mentioned that I liked the “Girl from Ipanema”.

The rain had stopped so we walked down rue des Ecoles, home.

I really didn’t need another Vieilles de Prune, however.

Life in Paris.