Another Day in Marrakech

Really lazy this morning except for a workout. The gym looks out over the gardens, very pretty. There was a bird hanging around in the gym as well. Quite loud for a small bird.

Spent a bit of time in the new, modern Marrakech and although I typically ignore any suggestions made by the concierge of a hotel, this one at Grand Café de la Poste,, turned out to be very good. Mostly French folk and some tourists (like us) having their French-based lunch. It was interesting that we preferred the French menus as the translation left much to be desired.

Got some exercise walking back from town (although I went about half-a-kilometre too far, oh, well).

It’s been different hearing the muzzein’s call three times a day (I think), calling the faithful to prayer.

Lovely wrap up dinner outside at Le Marocain at the hotel here, the usual speeches, etc., a few of our colleagues showing up in local garb, djellebas and all.

We head back to London tomorrow.